Monday, January 16, 2012

Nice to see you again,

I've been looking forward to going to school so I can nonchalantly run into my hipster friend again.

...but it didn't happen. I had went the entire week without seeing him a school, or hearing from him, or talking to him, so I was ready to accept the bitter end of my lingering crush. Until Friday.

Friday, the day I decide to bum it to school. Friday, the day when I'm back to my loud obnoxious self and I'm too tired to pretend to be intelligent. Friday, the 13th. How delightful. I saw my crush three times.

Me and my girlfriend Lulu usually leave our choir class early, because it's choir and no one really cares. But on Friday the 13th we realized that we left a whole 10 minutes early and as we walk into Phase three (our school's gym building) the bell still has not rang. And who do I see there? Leaning on the wall, iPhone in hand, looking as cute as a button? My perfect wittle hipster crush. And as we walk into the girls' lockroom I whisper to Lulu, "that's him!" and of course, we instantly turn around run out the locker room screaming and giggling as teenage girls do, to see him, standing there....staring right back at us.

...and what do I do? I make the entire situation worse by literally...LITERALLY running in the opposite direction.

The second encounter was even worse. At my school we have 3 lunches. And 3 schools at which you can eat. Which mean there is a total of 15 or so combinations, yet on Friday the 13th we manage to have the same lunch, eat at the same school, and sit three lunch tables apart. Is it also coincidental that we could see eachother the entire lunch period? And made MANY awkward glances towards each other? I hate my life.

Third times the charm. My ballsy friend Amani convinced me to walk into my wittle crush's class room. "Com'on Nneka" he  dragged me, and literally pushed me into the choir room. And as I walked in, all timid and awkward like the true immature teenage girl that I am. It happened. I saw him, and he saw me. Yet this time I did not run. And he did not look away. We talked, and had an actual conversation. I'm in love with my wittle crush.

Best Friday the 13th ever.

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