Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hey Hipster,

So a few days ago I was at my friend's party. It was cool. I enjoyed myself. Then this boy started flirting with me, like hardcore. But I got the gay vibe so I just wrote it off as a gay man just being fond of me. Until I goto leave and I'm giving everyone hugs good-bye and he holds me close,

extremely close,

I could see through his glasses. Meaning that I couldn't see his eyes because his glasses magnified them.
And we kissed.

So, I guess he's not gay? Just really hipster?
I'm down for that.

I added him on facebook and nothing. Crickets. He makes no effort to talk to me whatsoever </3
And now I'm freaking out because I think I've given him the "serve throat infection", but what can I do? That's a conversation you have to have in person. I just have to wait til I see him again.

ew, why do I have a wittle crush?

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