Thursday, January 19, 2012

Open mouth. Insert foot.

So, I am now seeing my "hipster friend" on a daily basis. I honestly look forward to it, he makes my day so much better...although, I know only a few things about him...

It's more like me actually having a crush, and actively talking (which rhymes with stalking,) to him on a daily basis which makes me happy. It's just refreshing. I haven't had anyone like this since Cecil, but he's out of my life completely and I don't want to go down that road again.

Anywho, a few days ago, I wasn't able to talk to my "hipster friend" before 4th hour--I was gravely disappointed. We speak everyday before my 4th hour. And as I made the lonely journey from my school's gym building to the main Canton building the feeling of disappointment grew even stronger. I placed my bookbag on the ground, plopped myself into my chair, and pouted. Yes, like a four year old girl, I pout when I don't get my way. I hadn't even noticed Constadina until she poked and said, "What's wrong?"
...and like a faucet, my emotions came pouring out of mouth...
"I'm just really upset because I didn't get to see "hipster friend" today, and I have the biggest wittle crush on him and I really just wanted to see him and ask him if he wanted to grab coffee, ugh. I had it all planned out! I'm so upset" and after I whined for a bit, I felt so much better.

Constadina, Amani, and I ate lunch at Salem that day. I had forgotten that my math teacher was not able to help me with my homework so instead of going to math lab we just ate in Salem's cafeteria. And who do I see? My hipster friend! But my excitement didn't last long...I recognized his friend. And because I did could not bring myself to say the words, I prompted Constadina, "Hey, do you know him?" I asked, she nodded and replied, "Yeah. That's Dan, from our 4th hour."
That awkward moment when you announce your attraction to someone and you later realize that their bestfriend was sitting next to you.

Seriously? Why me.

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