Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I bought new shoes, I need a Valentine.

I have many things to rant about.

First of all, I have no new updates on my "hipster friend". Accept for the fact that he probably thinks I'm disgusted by his presence because of the following:

Everyday I stay after school for about 10-15 minutes waiting for the after school traffic to clear. On this particular Friday he happened to be there as well. We were chilling with different crowds, and I did not want to be rude and interrupt Kari's heartbreaking story about how our Assistant Principal is kicking her out of school, just to talk to some boy that I barely know. So after Kari is done we begin to walk to the parking lot, I tap my "hipster friend" on the shoulder simply to acknowledge his existence as I begin to leave the school, I walk down the stairs towards the parking lot when I realize I had forgotten my keys. So I rushed back to the benches, past my "hipster friend", and thankfully no one had stolen my Juicy Couture wallet-key chain. But as I walk back to my car he stops me, and we engage in a which I awkwardly stand 50+ feet away...

Why did I do this you may ask? I was in a rush! I was wearing heels! I didn't want to trip and fall in front of him, nor did I want to engage in a lengthy conversation when I had to be at work in the next 45 minutes. 

So as I embraced my weekend, I could not help but to regret my terrible body language. And I did everything in my power to attempt to give my "hipster friend" my number. But it's not working. I messaged him on facebook...but he's never on facebook. I even consulted with Corey. 

Corey. Corey. Corey. As I open up to him I realize more and more that he has feelings for me. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy but I'm positive. This boy has a crush on me. And it became apparent when I began talking to him about our mutual "hipster friend". Before I could even utter a word Corey goes, "I could have told you it wouldn't work out. He doesn't like black girls"
...I laughed. I cried. I died a little on the inside. Little does Corey know that me and our "hipster friend" have already engaged in sexual activity. As I previously stated, I thought he was gay until he shoved his tongue down my throat. He made the first move. 
YET, he doesn't like black girls? 

(Why is that even a logical argument in the society we live in today?) 

and by far most important.
I recently purchased the Madden Girl by Steve Madden Trebel pump in rose gold. Therefore, I need a Valentine. "Hipster Friend" or not, I WILL be wearing these shoes in the NEAR future. Someone, date me. Please.
I just want to wear my shoes. 

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