Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please get out of my life, all of you.

Happy fucking Valentine's Day everyone.

My life is one big sitcom I swear.

So, we are all aware that I am well over Isaac (hipster friend). But the 13th we had an unavoidable encounter which left me hopeful, yet confused. Being my irresponsible self, I had no gas whatsoever in my car and I knew I wouldn't make it if I waited in the horrific after school traffic. I forced Corey to wait with me after school, we engaged in a conversation about Sarah, a  girl that he thinks is insanely attractive. Being the amazing friend that I am, I sit there and listen, even though we all know the last thing a girl wants to hear is how attractive another girl is, but I swallowed my pride and listened. 

Isaac joins us in the midst of this conversation, he adds that he finds interracial relationships beautiful. This didn't sit well with me, I wasn't sure if he was trying to indirectly comment on our situation or if he was merely stating his opinion. But either way, I ran with it. I let it get to my head. I laughed because I knew I was no longer interested in pursuing anything with him, but at the same time if he tried I wouldn't know the word "no". However, the feelings I had went down hill when Sarah entered the conversation. Within an instant the blinding spotlight had shifted from me, to her and felt myself being consumed by the darkness. It was as if I was no longer there while I silently observed the boys' infatuation with Sarah.  

Later that night, Corey told Sarah he couldn't get involved with her because she's too young...and it's illegal. Sarah proceeded to ball her eyes out, and as I comforted her she whispered in my ear, "I'm faking, don't tell!"  I didn't know how to react to this, but in the end I dismissed it. I was trying my darnest to stay away from drama, but the next day at school Sarah runs to me and exclaims, "Nneka! I just got a personal Valentine's Day flower!" Isaac had bought her a flower, and personally wished her a Happy Valentine's day. 

This is the same Isaac that told Corey not to go for her because she was too young. this real life? 

Oh, I forgot to mention that Kyle came to my school on Valentine's Day. I lost it. I was two seconds away from throwing my flowers in his face. Does he not understand that I never want to see him again? Does Isaac not understand that I never want to see him again?

Please. I'm begging you, get out and stay out. 

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