Sunday, February 5, 2012

You shouldn't of done it.'s 1:55a on Saturday morning. I'm sleeping. My phone vibrates, and I mindlessly press buttons until the annoyance stops interrupting my slumber...

Saturday night at work, terrible. The only thing that kept me smiling was the anticipation of Kelsey Hill's party. As the restaurant begins to clear out my boss sings sweet music to my ears, "You can go home now," I changed so fast. I was so excited to party, only to be let down. Kelsey cancelled her party. My back-up party, also cancelled. And Mike's house simply wasn't an option--not trying to run into Kyle! I ended up at McDonald's eating cookies with Alexis Weatherly, and Corey Watkins. 

As my bag of cookies come to an end I hand Corey a $5 bill and ask him to buy me some more, he agrees and asks, "Can I get an ice-cream?" to which I reply, "yeah, bro." Corey comes with a tray filled with food and my $5 in his hand. And I go, "bro, can I have my $5 back?" and he goes into a rampage telling me that it was actually his money, and that he had given it to me before we walked into McDonald's. I was in shock. He looked to Alexis to support his outrageous claim, she looked at him, snatched the money out of his hand and exclaims, "That's her money you asshole" I couldn't believe that Corey would do that to me. The next day I'm determined to confront him about it. 

As I begin to compose the text message, I see two very strange text:

Corey Watkins 1:55 a

Corey Watkins 2:15 a
You make the skies blue and the world shine bright colors of love

All I have to say is: drunken words are sober thoughts

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