Saturday, December 3, 2011

At work,

So I run into an old friend today, and he's with a guy that I've always thought was a tad attractive....I wish I had a little me courage. I really wanted to just be like "Hey, text me sometime" but I couldn't. Oh, well. My co-worker told me that there was no point really because it only would have lasted for 2 months.

...more like 2 weeks. I have commitment issues. In psychology we learned that Stage 6 Intimacy v. Isolation is heavily effected by Stage 1 Trust v. Mistrust. Ok, now this is going to become one big cliche...but because me and my father were so close the first few years of my life and then when he moved to Africa we lost touch. (That's like the insanely short version) So basically, I'm like the hundreds of millions of females that have daddy issues. Wish I was unique.

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