Saturday, December 3, 2011

Veganism? Ballsy?

I'm trying to go on my vegan diet but it's kind of hard when you have no idea what vegans can and cannot eat. I am buying soy milk today, but I have no idea how I'm going to give up yogurt! I love it so much! Well, we'll see.

Yesterday, my gay friend, Amani, asked out a straight guy (with a girlfriend!). I really admire his ballsy-ness. Honestly, I wish I could ask out a guy. My mom's pressuring to get a boyfriend too, SO AWKWARD. Too bad I'm still not over the last boy I talked to, who got a girlfriend while I was on vacation. Cool right? Love my life. But Amani is trying to get my to ask out this boy I've been crushing on at school, "We're seniors, you'll never see him again, just do it!" but I see him everyday in 4th hour...Amani doesn't understand how uncomfortable I'll be seeing the boy that rejected me everyday until the semester is over....

Should I do it?

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